To better serve our youth, we need to create bridges between our educators, government and community. Therese’s goals include:



We MUST support positive reinforcement to negative media and it must happen when our children are in elementary school, where they are most influenced by media culture.

Stress is an issue that both educators and students go through. I have spoken to a few teachers & students who have great ideas that may alleviate some of this stress and I hope to give them space to bridge these ideas.


We must be sensitive to each other’s traditions and cultures and must find ways to communicate with parents before a new program is implemented that may create confusion. We must also find ways to break systemic bias and cultural bias by practising acceptance in our schools.

Youth have voiced that they would be more interested in understanding each other’s cultures and would like to encourage their parents to also be part of this journey. 


I would support ideas that will open positive communications between educators and the community. I will ask schools to better practise present transparency policies. 

I will look to find ways to connect youth, the community and educators together to become comfortable with each other through positive activities.


I will advocate for more funds to support diverse extra-curricular activities in our schools. Many organizations receive funding for program which our community does not know about. I will continue to volunteer in the community to assess the best activities for our youth.

I will advocate for opportunities for all youth, in all social-economic or academic levels.


There is a misconception about volunteering. Transferable skills like “working with others” are learned through volunteering. I would like to advocate for an information evening for parents in our community to know more about volunteering so that they can support their children in this important and vital activity. I will also support programs that will encourage young people understand their civil responsibilities so that they can understand that they have a voice.