Why Therese?

Therese voices that “As a mother, it is my responsibility to make this world a better place for my child and that means helping other children find their true potential”.

Therese has committed several years of her life to helping the young people of our community to develop their skills and find their potential. She has created projects and these projects have been used to help young people gain extensive transferable skills in team building and customer relations, as well as communications and brand development. Many young people will say that this type of support and encouragement have helped them developed their “voices” and find their hidden skills, giving them the ability to become more focused towards their future choices.

Community Involvement

Therese is an active volunteer in the community.

She has been volunteering for many years, but has worked as a facilitator and volunteer with the Youth Arts Initiative Project, sponsored by United Achievers and the Centre for Education & Training in 2014 – 2017.  The project taught transferable skills in the arts field that encouraged creativity and introduced kids to more outside the box thinking that would greatly benefit them in any career field including STEM related jobs. 

She was the volunteer project coordinator for the 2017 Canada 150 Carabram Pavilion and volunteered as a Committee Member & Coordinator for the 2018 Carabram Central Pavilion. She participated as a volunteer with the Regional Diversity Roundtable, learning for 8 month the value of Cultural Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

She has recently created a youth meet up and women’s meet up in Ward 9 & 10. Both of these events were created to help youth & women with life skills like financial literacy and services available in the community. She has volunteered in the community with helping those unemployed with Job preparatory skills to help them focus on how to find employment or how to start their own businesses.

Therese has been a mentor to many young adults in Brampton, as well as volunteering as a mentor/supporter to youth-led non-profit organizations like ACCESS Charity & Get Artsy, both started in Ward 9 & 10.

She attends the Brampton Springdale Network monthly meetings, coordinated by PCHS. PCHS has served the Springdale area for many years and has arranged this network to better help the people in the Springdale Community,  by sharing information and best practises.